Rediscover the flavours of real food, fresh from the farm. Join us as we connect farmers, growers and lovers of good produce to bring the nutrition and flavour back to our food.
Picked ripe, delivered fresh.

From the farm – to you

Our simple proposition to farmers. Grow the best fruit and vegetable you can, be it organic, heirloom or traditional. Pick it ripe and transport it locally (fresh) and we will find you customers who will want your products. Our only criteria – nutritious and bursting with flavour.

Your food with no air miles & a smaller carbon footprint

Supplying a country its food via large supermarkets has fundamentally changed how we grow food, what we grow and what we look for in a particular variety. It certainly has “delivered” great looking food that appears fresh. It also enables us to source fruit and vegetables counter-seasonally in a global supply chain.  What we have lost, however, is the taste and nutritional value of locally grown ripe, fresh fruit and veg. That’s where Demand Farm comes in.  

Delivery to a local IGA supermarket

Our delivery partners IGA will hold your order for you to collect. So find one near you that is working with our farmers. They are also working with us and our team of chefs and nutritionists to create recipes driven by what’s in the fruit and veg box. Imagine a menu created for you based on what’s ripening that week. Your local IGA will then pack a box of groceries for you, of all of the ingredients you need to create 3-5 meals. You can purchase just the fruit and veg or you can also include the ingredients to turn that fresh nutritious produce into delicious meals as well. 

Browse for seasonal produce

We are truly dependent on seasonal variations. We wont know what’s coming until the farmers report in. The produce is also graded differently. We don’t care (nor should you) about shape, size or blemishes. What we do know is that it will be safe, nutritious, ripe and fresh and of course full of flavour.

Order Online

 The choice is straight forward – small box or big. Fruit and Veg for 1,2,4 or more. At the moment it will be once a week. You can also order the companion ingredients box as well and make a meal (or 4) from it.

Collect from IGA

Once you have placed your order you will start to get emails from us. We will communicate regularly with you and let you know about any unforeseen issues. You get the email to say it’s ready to pick up. Your order has a QR code that matches to your box of produce.

Our Products

First things first – food must be safe to eat. Our supply chain complies with the local health standards. All of our farmers, whether they are traditional growers, regenerative farmers or organic certify that they grow and harvest according to health regulations. Our aggregation facility (if your box is sourced from multiple farms) is fully HACCP compliant. If it comes from a single farmer the same rules apply.